Thankfulness Goes a Long Way

Emma Montag
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November 21, 2018

What are you thankful for this season? Family, health, friends, the ability to work, the list goes on. It’s so important to take time and reflect on the things you are thankful for, and at Atlanta Ventures, we have quite a few things to reflect on. We have gratitude for our team, who have shown up every day, willing to work hard to support our mission of serving entrepreneurs. We admire all the SaaS hustlers out there, really working hard to build good products. We love the Southeast and Atlanta, our home, for it’s work hard, play hard mentality! We truly are a city on the rise.

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We are also grateful for our portfolio companies. They are movers, shakers, and doers, and we appreciate them striving to make their companies (and teams) successful. Because our ‘portfolio family’ aligns on similar values, they too have a plethora of thankfulness to give. We reached out to each of them to share about what they are thankful for within their company and teams—take a look at what they have to say:

Actively Learn is thankful:

  • That we found a good partner to acquire us that has been very supportive of us.

When it comes to their team, Actively Learn is grateful:

  • The team has been upbeat with the transition and is continuing to demonstrate growth and ability to drive toward goals with less of my guidance and input.

Atlanta Tech Village is thankful for:

  • A community of entrepreneurs who are chasing their dreams.
  • The ATL - a city on the rise!
  • Good people who build great things.

When it comes to their team, Atlanta Tech Village is grateful for:

  • Team members who become family.
  • Wit, candor, and laughter each day.
  • The opportunity to work hard and play hard.

Calendly is thankful:

  • For our customers who trust us to make their work and lives easier and help their businesses grow.
  • The opportunity to provide challenging and fulfilling work to our employees.
  • For opportunities to volunteer and participate in making the community a better place.

When it comes to their team, Calendly is grateful for:

  • The laughter our team provides.
  • The friendships they forge.
  • Their determination to help us win.

Dragon Army is thankful for:

  • For all of our long-term and brand new clients. We are blessed with incredible partners.
  • Our growth (we tripled in last 2 years).
  • Being in the city of Atlanta where there is no shortage of great businesses and people.

When it comes to their team, Dragon Army is grateful for:

  • The pride they take in everything they do.
  • Their belief in, and support of, our Purpose - to inspire happiness.
  • The way they treat each other with kindness, thoughtfulness, and total support.

Gimme Vending is thankful for:

  • Our amazing customers.
  • The Atlanta Tech Village team and the companies within.
  • Apple providing the toolset to grow our business and ourselves.

When it comes to their team, Gimme is grateful for:

  • Adaptiveness to change.
  • Fearlessness in new challenges.
  • Sacrifices.

GreenPrint Corporation is thankful for:

  • Our clients - who embrace supporting the environment and thinking with innovation in mind.
  • Our employees - who work hard to make a difference to our business, our clients business, and the environment.
  • Our growth - GreenPrint has grown substantially this year, and we're so excited to be able to do more for our clients through our additional resources.

When it comes to their team, GreenPrint is grateful that:

  • Our team truly embraces thinking like an entrepreneur and is constantly finding ways to drive value for GreenPrint and our clients.
  • Our team knows how to work hard, while having fun! There are lots of laughs amongst the day to day, which makes the hard work more fun!
  • Our team is so supportive of each other. Whether it be a major life event, a new challenge, or just a bad Monday, our team is constantly showing each other support and finding ways to lift each other up.

Hannon Hill is thankful for:

  • Our amazing customers, who continue to shape the future with the research that they do and the education they provide to current and future generations. They inspire us to be better every day.
  • Our ability to provide rewarding careers and for being able to watch our team members grow their families.
  • The ATV community and staff.

When it comes to their team, Hannon Hill is grateful for:

  • The fact that each team member is an even bigger asset than our products.
  • Fierce competition, whether that’s on a professional or personal level, such as step challenges or ping pong brackets.
  • Diversity!

Rigor is thankful for:

  • Our awesome customers. They genuinely care about their customers’ user experience and making it as speedy and seamless as possible. Our customers are true partners.
  • Impeccable user experiences.
  • Big challenges. (The Internet is hard. Hard stuff keeps us engaged and learning. And, #non-humble-brag, we are proud to pioneer elegant solutions to some of the toughest stuff.)

When it comes to their team, Rigor is grateful for:

  • Smart people who genuinely care -- Folks on Team Rigor are smart as heck and they work hard for each other and our customers.
  • Teammates who challenge us and support us -- both are important to get better and win together.
  • Our Community -- it takes a village. Whether it's offering advice, listening to someone talk through a solution, a friendly gesture on a hard day, or a chance to give back as a team, being part of a community makes us stronger and happier.

SalesLoft is thankful for:

  • Our incredible customers and their successes.
  • Being a leader in the sales engagement market.
  • Strong new hires embracing our "SalesLoft OG team".

When it comes to their team, SalesLoft is grateful for:

  • Our growth and aspirational mindset.
  • Commitment to upholding our core values.
  • Our ability to sustain incredible growth while maintaining our culture.
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Single Ops is thankful for:

  • A strong economy.
  • Progressive folks in the green industry.
  • Reaching $1M in ARR.

When it comes to their team, SingleOps is grateful for:

  • Memories from trade shows, quarterly get-togethers, and other company events.
  • Shared growth mindset and vision for SingleOps.
  • New team members!

Teamworks is thankful for:

  • Our growing portfolio of customer partners – 2018 has been another fantastic year of both adding new customers and helping long-standing to take their organizations to the next level. We’re nothing without them and their constant input, advocacy and support inspire us every day.
  • Our expanded offices – Teamworks now employs 100 professionals and we were fortunate enough to find additional space in a building adjacent to our original office, giving us the environment we need while allowing us to remain right in the heart of Durham, NC.
  • Continuous learning – We are introducing new products, rolling out new programs and expanding our ability to act as partners in our customers’ ongoing success. We couldn’t do this without the active input and guidance from our customers, our board and our employees. Thanks to them, 2019 looks like it’s going to be amazing.

When it comes to their team, Teamworks is grateful for:

  • Patience, positivity and perseverance – Rapidly expanding a business requires a team that is agile, creative and open. We’re not going to get everything right the first time, but every step is a learning experience and every day is an opportunity for growth. Our team has embraced this philosophy and it makes all the difference.
  • Camaraderie – The Teamworks team truly exemplifies the “we’re all in this together” mentality. Whether collaborating inside the office or sharing a meal or a beer or two after work, our team members truly enjoy working together and it creates a unique and inclusive environment that serves as the cornerstone of our corporate culture.
  • An absolute focus on empowering athletes – I never cease to be amazed by the lengths our team goes through to make sure our customers have the support they need to succeed. It starts with implementation an continues through their ongoing support and guidance… even when things aren’t going perfectly. Just a great team.
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Terminus is thankful for:

  • Our customers. We are honored to partner with brilliant marketers at hundreds of the world’s leading B2B organizations. We built our platform in direct response to customer feedback, and we couldn’t have done it without them.
  • The Atlanta tech community. They don’t call it Silicon Valley of the South for nothing. We’re grateful to be part of a thriving community that’s supported our growth from day one.
  • Our partners. From our integration partners to our agency partners to our channel partners, we’re thankful to work with such a strong network of organizations across the country.

When it comes to their team, Terminus is grateful for:

  • Our team’s support! Our team members are incredibly supportive of one another through wins and challenges alike. They’re more than coworkers; they’re friends.
  • Our team’s ability to collaborate. We’re based in Atlanta, but we also have an office in San Francisco and team members who work remotely. We’re grateful that our Terminators bridge the gaps across departments (and states!) to work together as one team.
  • Our leadership team is growing fast. We’re thankful for our leadership team. This year, we’ve been lucky enough to make key hires across all departments to support our rapid growth.

Village Realty is thankful for:

  • Our thriving community of Realtors who are reshaping the way real estate works.
  • That we were named one of the Best Places to Work in 2018 by the Atlanta Business Chronicle.
  • To have moved to a corner office suite in Atlanta Tech Village, which allows us to work more collaboratively as a team and with our Realtors.

When it comes to their team, Village Realty is grateful:

  • To have an energetic and vibrant team that focuses on culture first.
  • To have a substantial number of women in leadership roles.
  • That our support team and Realtors work together every day to raise the bar for real estate.

Atlanta Ventures is thankful for:

  • An amazing set of portfolio companies that really care about their customers.
  • The opportunity to serve the Southeast through the Simply SaaS community, we’ve only just begun to hit our stride.
  • With a home office in Atlanta, it’s only fitting we thank the Atlanta community for continually sharing ideas and investing in each other.

When it comes to our team, AV is grateful for:

  • Our small, yet supportive team—everyone has each others’ best interest at heart.
  • Our team’s unique and crucial skill sets, which make for a powerhouse team.
  • Everyone on the team truly aligns on the vision to serve entrepreneurs.

Thank you all, for being a part of our community and family. We are grateful for you.

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