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How the Studio Works

We want to co-found the next $100M business together

1. Apply

We're looking for entrepreneurs prepared to commit full-time to building a business. This role is Atlanta based. Apply below.

2. Ideate

Find and validate an idea. The idea may originate from you or from Atlanta Ventures' refined list of viable company ideas.

3. Launch

Once validated, Atlanta Ventures makes a first round investment into you as the CEO, filling an active role as your co-founder.

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David Cummings

“Atlanta Ventures is built on the desire to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. We created the Studio to give entrepreneurs unmatched access to resources and experts needed to fulfill their potential. We love working with entrepreneurs.”

-David Cummings

Partner, Founder – Atlanta Ventures

Co-found with Atlanta Ventures

We've proven from experience what it takes to launch successful, impactful companies. Here's what we provide our Studio Entrepreneurs to do it again:


We cover the entire first round investment into your idea. We will facilitate or join future rounds.


We provide support in all areas: Sales, Marketing, Branding, Legal, Finance, Hiring, Fundraising, and more.


Atlanta Ventures provides Studio Entrepreneurs with free office space in the Atlanta Tech Village.


We've developed a playbook for systematically starting a startup. Enjoy our tools and templates.


Get connected to the Atlanta Ventures family. We will make intros for your business wherever we can.


Our support starts when you're a Studio Entrepreneur and continues as the company grows.

Frequently asked questions


The Atlanta Ventures Studio is where we support outstanding founders, from the beginning, to build companies from scratch. We are leveraging a repeatable framework/process to help create a unique experience for entrepreneurs to learn and increase odds of success. Support is provided in terms of startup resources, mentoring, community, office space, and financial considerations.


Our goal is to systematically start and grow successful companies. We’ll combine talented entrepreneurs with our experience to start several companies per year. We want to help create the next $100M business.


The Studio journey starts with finding and validating an idea (entrepreneur idea, Atlanta Ventures idea, or other) through customer discovery. Next, the Studio Entrepreneur will launch the company and commit to move forward as CEO. Finally, an initial investment will be provided to build a MVP, get sales traction, and work towards Product/Market Fit, as an Atlanta Ventures portfolio company.


We are looking for entrepreneurs that want to commit full-time to building a business (vs. just an advisory role). Ideally, Studio Entrepreneurs would have previous startup experience, be positive, are self-starting, and have lots of grit! This role is Atlanta based.


Over the last several years we’ve worked with a number of excellent entrepreneurs to start companies such as Calendly, SalesLoft, Terminus, Rigor, and Pardot . Some thrive in pursuit of Product/Market Fit, most fail. We've helped build over 30 companies worth almost $5B.

Charles Brian Quinn

“The Atlanta Ventures Studio is the best place for an entrepreneur to tackle a big, hard, mission-critical problem. It feels like I’m leagues ahead: the resources, the network of people from investors to partners to employees, the shared support, the community, and all the help are tremendous advantages to early stage companies not found anywhere else on the planet.”

-Charles Brian Quinn

Studio Entrepreneur – Atlanta Ventures

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