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Our intent with The Atlanta Story is to bring insightful learnings to life while documenting a unique time in our city’s history.

Jon Birdsong
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April 2, 2020

Surfacing learnings from Atlanta’s best

Over the past three months we've been producing a new podcast called The Atlanta Story. Amidst these uncertain times, insightful content on life before we were all sequestered with loved ones will be refreshing.  

The Atlanta Story is a podcast highlighting Atlanta’s most interesting creators, entrepreneurs, and builders. We learn what decisions they’ve made along the way to get where they are and ask questions around the vision they see for the city in the future. We believe now is the right time for a podcast like this because Atlanta is at a point in time where the ingredients are here and available for anyone who’s looking to build and create something special.

We believe the best entrepreneurs learn from other great artists in different fields. Our intent with The Atlanta Story is to bring those learnings to life while documenting a unique time in our city’s history.

Hear more about the vision in our launch episode: 

A look at the first episodes: 

In Episode 2 Jon Birdsong sat down with Tharon Johnson, CEO of Paramount Consulting Group. Tharon is a former campaign manager turned political strategist and in this episode they talk about political strategies, leadership insights, and of course, what it takes to build a company in Atlanta today. 

Episode 3 kicks off with Chef Ron Hsu, of Lazy Betty, talking about the genesis story behind his restaurant, the constant back and forth between chef and entrepreneur, and then dives into the decisions he made along the way to create some of Atlanta’s best food.

A quick note about Lazy Betty: like all restaurants, they are going through a very difficult transition as Atlanta remains quarantined. If you have a desire to help a small business in our city, please click and donate to his employee fund.

We hope you enjoy these interviews and we have several more on the way! Feel free to find them on your favorite podcast outlet and Youtube!

Website: atlstory.com

Twitter: @theatlantastory

Instagram: @theatlantastory

YouTube: Here

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