August 18, 2022
​​💼Company Worth Applying To: Tricentis & MapLarge 📈Quiet Giant: MapLarge 📦Product of the Week: VoiceWorx ​🎉Company coming up: Whskr ​🍾​Raise a Glass: Michael Otis / Tampa Bay Ventures / Hypepotamus

E12 | Tricentis, MapLarge, Voiceworks, Whskr, Procoto

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My name is Jon Birdsong and I’m with Atlanta Ventures.


Companies Worth Applying Too:

I recently caught up with Ian Steward, CRO of Tricentis. Now if you dust off your Atlanta Startup history books, you’ll remember about 4 years ago, Tricentis and QASymphony agreed to merge (yes they use the word merge in the press release) making them a leading player in the continuous testing industry. Ian joined QASymphony when they were under $1M in ARR. Today, they are doing hundreds of millions in revenue and hiring sales people all over the map, literally. Especially here in Atlanta. If you are looking for an organization that is not public but still hearty enough to have significant infrastructure to support your career and development, check out Tricentis. They are hiring for SDR’s, AE’s, and Enterprise Account Executives right now.

Quiet Giant:  

This week’s quiet giant, and there are just so many in the salutary market of Atlanta and the Southeast, is called MapLarge. This is a platform for GeoSpatial and IoT Application Development. With about 40 employees according to LinkedIn, MapLarge is solving some of the world's hardest and most interesting mapping problems across dozens of industries and enterprise clients – all in the heart of Atlanta. If you love solving problems with GIS mapping tools this is your company…and yes, they are hiring too!

Product of the Week:

This week’s product of the week produces a smarter, more versatile, and customized Alexa or any integratable virtual assistant. Co-founders Sam and Jerimiah have built a no-code platform for businesses so their products and services are delivered with the same intelligence we are used to with Siri. Normally it takes 40-80 hours of development time to build out one integration with a business to ensure it is sufficient for an intelligent conversation. They are currently onboarding several enterprise customers.

If you have a business where AI-powered virtual assistants are used to interact with customers, check out VoiceWorx as this will be a product you’ll want to keep tabs on.

Company Coming Up:

This company coming up has one of the best logos I’ve ever seen for an early stage software company. The name of the company is called Whskr and they are state of the art veterinary clinic software. Co-Founder Elliott and his wife have lived and breathed the problem of antiquated and clunky clinic software for veterinarians. Whskr allows for clinics to put automations around appointments, have much smarter inventory, and have streamlined labs all in a beautifully designed solution. Check out Whskr if not for the feature list at least for the logo.    

Raise a Glass:

Let’s raise a glass to Michael Otis, CEO Procoto who just raised $750k led by Tampa Bay Ventures. Hypepotamus covered this week and this raise is part of a broader emerging story of Tampa Bay’s startup ecosystem gaining significant steam. Procoto makes procurement software simple, affordable, and easy to implement. Michael went through YC and raised from one of the best firms in Florida. Keep an eye out for their growth, and they are hiring.

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