July 7, 2022
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E6 | Boxlock, Smart Stall, ATL Unlocked Tour

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Company Coming Up:

This company coming up was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in historic Cabbagetown in Atlanta. They have raised $5.3M to date and solve a very real problem in several markets. The company is called BoxLock and they are shaping the future of unattended delivery technology. What does that even mean Birdsong? So thousands of companies in healthcare, construction, transportation and warehousing have serious problems regarding safety, reliability, and efficiency when it comes to assets that are stored or transferred. Think of anything ranging from tools on a construction site to shipping containers to even election boxes. BoxLock’s Supply Chain Access Control Platform is used by companies like UPS Healthcare, University of Nebraska Healthcare, LUX Diagnostics (local to Atlanta), just to name a few. This market is massive and I just love finding not only passionate CEO’s like Brad Ruffkess who are pioneering this field but then learn they are walking distance to Carroll Street Cafe!

They are hiring right now and trust me when I say this: growing very very fast. Links in the show notes.

Beta Product of the Week:  

This week’s beta product of the week comes from two Auburn engineers and it is called Smart Stall. Nearly everything in the bathroom workflow is automated and touchless. You can get soap, paper towels, water, dry hands and a quick flush without touching any surface, so why are we still latching and unlatching the bathroom stall? Chase and Wynn are the co-founders solving this problem with an early prototype already built. If you are a building owner, tenant rep, or CEO looking to automate your latches, check out SmartStall. Link in the show notes.

Jump to the Front:

This is a new format called Jump to the Front. For companies who are offering early access to product launches and customer codes, we deliver them here. I just caught up with Christian Ries, CEO of Zeto. Zeto is the trusted home manager for your house. Through their reliable network of vetted partners, they can easily knock out to-do’s, meet vendors on location and respond to emergencies 24/7 all through text. They are humming! Satisfied customers are all over Atlanta as the hassle has now believe relieved from the household. If you’re interested in skipping the wait and jumping to the front, put Five and Thrive in the comments section of the wait list form.

Event of the Week:

Mark your calendars for the third stop of the ATL Unlocked Tour. This event is held on Thursday July 21st from 5-7 p.m. at the ATDC in midtown. The signup link is in the show notes. The first stop was at the Atlanta Tech Village, the second stop was at the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship, and this one is right in the heart of midtown on Georgia Tech’s campus. It is entrepreneurs night and I know this will have several entrepreneurs mixing and mingling.  

I hope everyone had a happy, relaxing, and safe Fourth of July and for everyone who ran the Peachtree Road Race, I hope you’re not as sore as I am.  

Annnnd, that’s 5 minutes.

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