October 13, 2022
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E20 | AdvizorPro, Calloquy, TechStars Demo Day

Introduction: Welcome to Five & Thrive: a weekly podcast highlighting the Southeast’s most interesting news, entrepreneurs, and information of the week, all under 5 minutes. 

My name is Jon Birdsong and I’m with Atlanta Ventures.

Event of the Week:

The next two weeks in Atlanta are loaded with dozens of events ranging from Venture Atlanta, TechStars Demo Day, happy hours and more with several investors from all over the country to get a taste of the Atlanta ecosystem. I hope to see several of you out and about. Here’s a more tactical event to put on your calendar. On 10/20, the ATDC is hosting their regular Entrepreneur’s Night starting at 5 p.m. This month is focused on all things 5G. Leaders from TMoble, Curiosity Lab, and the ATDC will be exchanging knowledge and conversations through a panel format on 5G today and tomorrow – if the 5th Generation for broadband cellular markets is of interest to you, sign up in the link within the show notes. In a state where no more than 21% of our households have high speed internet access and approximately 39% live in an area where there is only 1 internet provider, the opportunity is vast.     

Company Coming Up:  

This company coming up has stayed under the radar as it started as a side hustle for a few years mixed with a pivot. The name of the company? AdvizorPro (with a Z). This is software that provides a verified and robust broker-dealer, RIA, & insurance database of contacts. If you’re looking to sell into the financial services industry, AdvizorPro is a great resource to get email information and direct dial numbers as the market of financial data continues to grow. AdvizorPro is a team of approximately 10 folks and one to keep an eye as they scale and grow against some of the legacy competitors in the market. 

Product Launch of the Week:

This past week, a company who is innovating in the litigation market publicly announced their product launch. Calloquy’s software makes remote legal proceedings safe, secure, and efficient. What spawned out of Covid, Calloquy is now making several aspects of court proceedings including arbitrations, depositions, and mediations as simple as setting up a video conference call. The software is like a very secure Zoom on steroids, where you can upload and annotate documents, structure the actual video conference participants like one would be set up in a courtroom, and have all the proceedings and court reporting documented in a safe and secure location. Calloquy has invested significant resources in building out a product in a market that is tough to build a Minimum Viable Product. Check out their software today and refer it to any law firm who does remote work.  

Blog and Podcast of the Week:

The blog post of the week comes from Harvard Business School, one of Atlanta Ventures Partner, A.T Gimbel’s alma mater. The title is “Why a Failed Startup Might Be Good For Your Career After All.” Regardless of success or failure, there is growing evidence that the market values the experience founders have and rewards them in terms of high seniority, prestigious positions, even though they failed. The article goes into detail about how they are valued and the benefits of a generalist’s versatile value to a firm. I personally can’t think of one successful entrepreneur who didn’t have a failure. We’ve highlighted several entrepreneurs in our Stories section on the AV website and each one has a failure story. This may be one of the reasons why when we work with entrepreneurs in the Atlanta Ventures Studio, we love to see their previous entrepreneurial efforts, successful or not, but the experience is vital towards their next endeavor. 

Lastly, I’m biased for this week’s podcast of the week because it highlights someone we interviewed on the The Atlanta Story Podcast – which is another podcast out of Atlanta Ventures. The entrepreneur on this month’s Atlanta Story is Cherie Kloss, Founder of SnapNurse. Cherie’s story is one of fortitude, reinvention, innovation, and scale. What started out as a list of links to learn how to build a startup from her brother in 2015, led to the formation and generation of a $1.2B revenue business 6 years later. Cherie started out in the healthcare field, transitioned to a producer for A&E for nearly a decade, then started SnapNurse. In the Atlanta Story Podcast, we talk about her amazing story and how she not only reinvented herself time and time again, but also learn where the industry is going in general and more. Check it out as it drops, today!  

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Why a Failed Startup Might Be Good For Your Career After All