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Three Areas to Focus on When Fundraising For Your Startup

Three Areas to Focus on When Fundraising For Your Startup. Three Areas to Focus on When Fundraising For Your Startup. A three step guide to the fundraising process for your startup, based on our experience helping thousands of startups raise capital.

Understanding Product Management in a Startup

Fundraising/Pitching. While a startup may need actual cash for fundraising, growing companies that have several market/product lines are constantly “fundraising” within their company to get resources.

Negotiating Terms with Venture Capitalists

Negotiating Terms with Venture Capitalists. 4 tips and strategies to negotiate terms with venture capitalists when fundraising. Jacey Cadet. See Profile. January 31, 2023. Negotiating terms can be a tremendous asset—if it's done well.

“Raising” Money Through Services

I was recently speaking with an entrepreneur considering fundraising who was pre-revenue and pre-product. One idea we discussed was the option of “raising” by starting with a services offering.

Matching Your Pitch to the Investor

What type of fundraising instrument. ? What is important in the pitch. ? I was speaking with an entrepreneur recently who was asking about how to best craft their pitch to investors.

How To Increase Your Chances of Getting VC Attention For Investment

Fundraising is a hard process with lots of “No’s.” Here are a few tips on how to make it more likely to get a VC’s attention. Lines not dots. The best time to meet VCs is when you are not fundraising.

Should I Raise Money With Market Uncertainty?

A few common questions I’ve been asked recently are, “How should I think about fundraising given all the market uncertainty … What is going to happen?” “Will money still be available?” “Are valuations going to change?”

When To Raise a Lot, And When To Not

Another time to raise a larger amount is when you feel the market is hot and there are concerns the market/fundraising environment could quickly change. Take enough money now while you can to weather the storm.

Should you name valuation and terms when raising capital?

I recently got a question from an entrepreneur who was about to start the fundraising process: should they list the valuation/terms they want or just describe the amount they are raising and why?

How To Fund Your Business Without Raising Money

Here are three creative ways to fund your business without raising money: Fundraising for a startup can be difficult.