Best Practices when Pitching VCs

Emma Montag
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January 14, 2019

Pitching can be a tough skill. Whether you're pitching investors, your Executive team, future clients, or future employees, there IS an art to 'The Pitch'. At our University class, Josh Siegel, Director of Product Management at Salesforce (Pardot), dropped some best practices on giving excellent pitches to VCs. He speaks from the perspective of Product Management and believes it's all about telling the right story. Josh shared his tips for crafting that story which include:

• Telling the story of the market

•  Knowing where you're headed

•  Mastering the art of the pre-pitch

Listen below for some quick, sound advice.

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It’s important to practice, practice, practice before pitching your product/business/etc. Play devil’s advocate and be ready to answer tough questions. You want to anticipate all the questions you can get, and be sure to make sure all parties can understand your plan.

Once you master the art of story-telling, specifically when it comes to your market, knowing where your vision is headed, and the pre-pitch, you will be set to impress those VCs and start growing your company.

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