Q&A with CEO and Co-Founder of SingleOps

SingleOps’s Co-Founder and CEO, Sean McCormick, sits down with Evie Lutz.

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July 20, 2022

A Sit-Down With Sean McCormick

I recently sat down with SingleOps Co-Founder and CEO Sean McCormick to talk about his start in entrepreneurship, the SingleOps journey till now, and their recent growth investment. SingleOps is an all-in-one business management software built specifically for the green industry (tree care, landscaping, etc.). SingleOps handles all its customer's core operations, offering easy-to-use solutions, so customers can focus on what matters in their business. Last week SingleOps announced a $75 million growth investment from FTV Capital, enabling them to expand their platform and continue to provide support and services to their growing customer base.

Check out the interview below!


What initially made you want to be an entrepreneur?

I had an interesting route to entrepreneurship. Growing up, I loved making independent movies with friends; I actually went to undergrad initially to get a film degree and start a career in filmmaking.. While at Northwestern, I realized everything I loved about filmmaking, recruiting a crew, raising funds to execute a vision, delighting an audience, and telling a story all correlated with entrepreneurship. In undergrad, I started my first business; it shifted into a love of tech entrepreneurship. All along, independent film and entrepreneurship were truly just a passion for building and telling a story.


What did you learn from this fundraising process? 

Well, this is not our first rodeo, but each time is different. This one was challenging because of the recent market volatility, but our growth continued throughout the process and FTV proved to be an excellent partner navigating an evolving market. Of course, we were running the business while bringing on this capital partner. Time management was challenging while navigating a quickly changing macro environment for SaaS businesses like ourselves. Managing those changes while fundraising was challenging, but it wasn't new to us. When we did our first institutional round, it was at the peak of covid uncertainty. Things were rapidly changing then, as they are rapidly changing now. We took those lessons with us and are now even better set for a bright future because of how we applied those learnings throughout the process.


What's your favorite part about leading the SingleOps team?

There are so many great parts from an internal perspective. I love watching folks grow within our organization. For SingleOps, age is just a number; what matters is what folks can do and how well they work in our team. I have seen interns and young individuals level up and grow their careers way faster, professionally and personally, than they could have elsewhere.ere. That makes it fulfilling from my perspective to grow leaders internally. From the external side, I love seeing the impact on our customers. Our customers will say, "Wow, I don't work weekends anymore because of Singleops; I can spend time with my family and take my first vacation." That is very, very fulfilling to lead a team that can achieve that level of impact on our customers.


Can you please describe the SingleOps journey in 10 words or less?

Never stop seeking to understand our customer.


Anything else you would like to add?

David Cummings and Atlanta Ventures have been vital to the growth of SingleOps and my own entrepreneurial journey. Without that help, we wouldn't be at the stage where we are now.


Sean McCormick is the perfect example of an excellent entrepreneur. From our meeting together, I have learned that he is persistent, dedicated, and cares a whole lot for the SingleOps team, as well as his customers. With a 423% revenue growth over the past three years, and their customers collectively gaining over $2 billion in revenue, it's no surprise that SingleOps is one of the top 10 fastest-growing software companies in Atlanta. The future is bright, and Sean McCormick and the SingleOps team are continuing to tell a fantastic story.


You can read more about Sean’s early journey here

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