Why Working In Tech Is All The Rave!

Considering a career in tech? Here's three reasons to make the leap.

Nicolas Terwindt
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August 11, 2021

Three reasons you should be working in tech.

Hello reader! My name is Nicolas Terwindt, and I am a Marketing Intern this summer at Atlanta Ventures. I’ve been working at AV for the last few months and have been exposed to many different tech startups and wanted to share about my experience and the positives of working in tech. It’s been exciting seeing the growth, iteration, and improvements that happen all due to technology and its beauty.

Flexible and adaptable product building

One of the most exciting parts of working in tech is how quickly things can move. It is extremely fast paced and ever changing. While working with a few Atlanta Ventures Studio companies, I have seen first-hand how quickly a tech company can change and adapt. I’ve seen one new company in the home services industry quickly re-position its offerings based on customer feedback. Continuous client conversations paired with testing out different ideas are keeping the CEO on his toes and it’s exciting to witness.

Diversity of problems to solve

Working at Atlanta Ventures has truly shown me how diverse technology companies can be. One project I’ve worked on that I’ve really enjoyed has been with Greenize, a software company that adds self-driving to commercial zero turn mowers to reduce the labor cost of lawn maintenance. 

Another example that shows how diverse tech companies can be is AV portfolio company, Reframe. This app uses neuroscience alongside tech to “reframe” a user's relationship with alcohol and helps them to become the best version of themselves. When you think of technology, you don't always think about how it can impact your mental health, and this app has changed my mindset on the capabilities of technology.

The positive and challenging environment

Your tech colleagues will greatly affect your work environment. Working with self-motivated people who love to work and love what they do is a beautiful thing. It’s inspiring and creates a culture of growth. In my experience at Atlanta Ventures and working at Atlanta Tech Village, everyone wears a smile. They are visibly, genuinely happy to be there and are passionate and positive about the projects they are working on. 

Even when the work my colleagues and I are doing is enjoyable, it's also challenging and invokes critical thinking and problem solving. After spending some time working in the tech work environment, I’ve seen it sparks excitement and challenges career growth and individual development.

My experience in the tech field has led me to believe that tech genuinely increases the quality of life. With so many problems being solved by tech companies, things such as home repairs, robotic lawn mowers, or alcohol recovery programs can be more widely available to people who need it. Technology is ever growing and changing, and the wide range of projects being worked on means that anybody who has an interest in this field will find something that they are passionate about. 

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