Too much work, too little time!

Three ways to manage your time and start prioritizing what matters.

Evie Lutz
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July 15, 2022

Instead of more time, we need better time-management

"If only I had more time!" Most of us have said it, especially many entrepreneurs out there. The truth is, most of us do not have a lack of time, we lack prioritization. So, how can you get more work done in less time? Here are three ways to manage your time and start prioritizing what matters. 

1. Limit unproductive activities

An interesting study showed that the average worker is only productive for about three hours each day. Most of us spend countless hours doing activities such as talking with coworkers, checking our social media notifications, and getting our third (maybe fourth) cup of coffee. I say all this to point out that most of us complain that we do not have enough time, but are not using our time effectively. In 1914, Ford Motor Company cut their daily hours from ten to eight while doubling workers' wages. Productivity increased and workers found themselves more motivated. This shift proves that our productivity is not increased by more time but by eliminating insignificant activities. One step we can take to manage our time is prioritizing our energy on what is most important and limiting unproductive activities.

2. Take time to rest

More than 63% of entrepreneurs reported that they have dealt with or are currently dealing with burnout. When we experience work burnout, we cannot expect ourselves to cognitively perform at a high level. Overworking is like a car trying to run with minimal gas in the tank. Like the car, we will start to slow down and become more inefficient. As stated in a recent blog, "When we feel safe to rest, instead of powering through, the quality of our work increases." Spending more time resting not only boosts our ability to problem-solve but also makes our work more efficient.

3. Communicate with your team

We often overload ourselves with work without the time to complete it. We overcommit because we’re too ambitious or want to impress our coworkers or boss. However, delivering rushed or poor quality work sends a message that we’re unreliable. Ultimately, people will appreciate the quality of our work more than our ability to handle five people's jobs. Overcommitting may be a symptom of a damaged work ethic. It arises when we struggle to communicate what we’re capable of handling. Have a conversation with your team and share the amount of work you can handle. Be realistic and set workplace boundaries.

Whether you are limiting unproductive activities, taking time to rest, updating your team communication, or all three, remember your time is what you make it. Share this post on social media and let us know how it will help you manage your time!

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