Using NPS for Actionable Insights

How likely are you to recommend our product to a friend or colleague?

A.T. Gimbel
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April 30, 2024

Most people have probably seen the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question of “how likely are you to recommend X to a friend or colleague?” Many companies use this as a way to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. I was speaking with an entrepreneur the other day about the importance of not just seeing the score, but how to build a system whereby you create actionable insights for each segment of respondents. Here are a few examples we discussed:

Finding customers that are not your ICP

As you read through the detractor responses, what do you notice about their profile as well as their reasoning for why they gave you low scores? It could be because they are trying to use the product in a different way than intended or their business may not be a good fit (size or industry) to leverage the value in the solution. In these situations, you may learn it is okay because they are not your ideal customer profile. This helps you refine that ICP going forward. 

Moving detractors to passives

There are some customers that are your ICP, but had a negative incident or experience that led to them being upset. In these situations, how can you quickly resolve the issue to improve things going forward? There are also scenarios where they were not seeing the value or trying a different approach than is recommended to get value from the solution. In these scenarios, how can you educate the customers to maximize the value of the solution?

Moving passives to promoters

There are some customers that are “fine.” They don’t complain, they say things are good, but they are not advocates for the solution. How do you deliver wow factors and encourage them to be in love with the solution and sing its praises to other colleagues? Can you highlight them in the industry, can you encourage them to share their results, can you support them on their top priorities internally? All of these can be ways to move them to promoters, whereby they can help evangelize your product both internally and externally.

These are just a few examples of digging deeper into NPS. The most important thing is to build a system and process whereby you can not only collect the results, but analyze them, and follow-up on actionable insights that can move the business forward and drive customer loyalty.

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