November 10, 2022
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E24 | Hatched, Atlanta Healthcare Meetup, Managr, PlayerZero, Carpool Logistics, Formulytics

Introduction: Welcome to Five & Thrive: a weekly podcast highlighting the Southeast’s most interesting news, entrepreneurs, and information of the week, all under 5 minutes. 

My name is Jon Birdsong and I’m with Atlanta Ventures.

Beta Product of the Week: If you love to learn about products right before they launch, we have one for you. A new dating app called Hatched is on the cusp of launching to the world next week. Their tagline: “You’re more than a picture.” The mechanisms put in place for Hatched require personality, core value, and attitude matches that “hatch” the profile picture of the potential match before you fully connect. MItch Alterman is their CEO and few things are more exciting than the days leading up to a company’s product launch. For all the single folks listening go to HatchYourMatch.com and sign up for the email updates and product info today.    

Event of the Week: On Wednesday, November 16th, Atlanta Ventures Partner, A.T, Gimbel is hosting the Healthcare Entrepreneurship MeetUp. This wildly popular MeetUp highlights entrepreneurs in Atlanta who are building in the healthcare industry. There is a substantial database of past MeetUps and the one for next week will showcase 3 companies building their products in the space. These companies include: Happy Talks, InovCares, and Stridelink. If you want to see live demos of the products of today, and tomorrow, sign up in the show notes link.  

Product of the Week: There are two products of the week to pay attention to. First is a sales efficiency product called Managr. CEO, Michael Gorodisher is solving the painful problem of updating your Salesforce. Any sales rep who is listening, we know how laborious the process of recording notes, updating stages within the pipeline, and setting automations and reminders for next steps with leads. Managr integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams to build bridges across platforms so you only have to enter data once – and the big news just this week: there is an individual plan, free, up to three users. For any entrepreneur who’s attempted a freemium, bottoms-up model, we all know the strategic commitment required and the confidence in the value prop needed. If you or any of your friends use Salesforce.com try out Managr for free today.  

Our next product of the week is PlayerZero out of the ATDC. In a circle of life story, CEO Animesh Koratana is back at the ATDC after growing up watching his dad build his startup in those same hallways. In between time, Animesh studied Comp Sci at Stanford and is now focused on how teams ensure product quality through superior communication with the help of data. 20% of bugs cause 80% of the problems – PlayerZero finds the 20%, shows why they matter, and provides the tools you need to fix them. They just scaled the leaderboard on Product Hunt to #1 last week. Keep an eye out and give PlayerZero a try as the team continues to build data-driven debugging tools for developers.

Companies Worth Applying Too: Carpool Logistics is hiring in several areas including sales and engineering. We covered them in episode 9 of Five and Thrive. If you love cars, logistics, and transportation, check out Carpool Logistics as they continue to grow their business in meaningful ways. We linked to their careers page where they are looking for a Director of Sales, Account Executives, and more.  

Quiet Giant: This week’s quiet giant and true sleeper is called Formulytics. I first heard about them in the SaportaReport. This company is a file management system that helps police and prosecutors coordinate on gang cases. They approach the criminal, not the case, by providing full lifecycle intelligence collaboration of the criminal profile - including the investigation and arrest, to prosecution, incarceration, and release. This company is a decade old and likes to keep a low profile – naturally fitting into this category. Quotes from public officials  We put a link to the SaportaReport article with more details on their origin story and more.

Annnnd, that’s 5 minutes.

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Resources discussed in this episode:

Beta Product of the Week: Hatched

Event of the Week: Atlanta Healthcare MeetUp

Product of the Week: 



Companies Worth Applying Too: Carpool Logistics 

Quiet Giant: Formultyics in SaportaReport