February 10, 2023
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EP37 | ARBO | Accountability | Atlanta Startup Convos and Main Street Fund | StreetMetrics and Zaden | Safely and Thought Factory

Introduction: Welcome to Five & Thrive: a weekly podcast highlighting the Southeast’s most interesting news, entrepreneurs, and information of the week, all under 5 minutes. 

My name is Jon Birdsong and I’m with Atlanta Ventures. 

Product of the Week: ARBO out of the Atlanta Tech Village is a lightweight, scalable ERP for SaaS companies providing automated revenue recognition and real-time access to financial insights such as cash flow, burn rate, profitability, yearly taxes, and financial projections. Saurav Bhandari is their CEO and has lived and loved accounting since his early days as an intern at the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts. Check them out as they continue to refine their product offering and bridge the gap between services and SaaS. 

Alpha Product of the Week: This product just launched and the value prop is in the name: Accountability. This company is led by Faiz Imran and their goal is to help as many entrepreneurs & founders network, collaborate, and push each other to hit their goals each week via weekly zoom calls. Faiz loves mastermind communities and their benefits. Now he is leveraging software to bring those benefits to the masses. If you’re looking to connect with other founders around the theme of accountability and growth, check out accountability.to

Event of the Week: Two items to put on the calendar. First if you or your cofounder is connected to Georgia State University as a student, alumni or a community member then take note. Main Street Entrepreneurs Seed Fund Cohort 4 applications are now open and closing soon on Feb 17th. Apply to get a great set of support as you continue building. Link in bio. 

Second, next week is Atlanta Startup Convos on Wednesday the 15th at 8:00 a.m. Three companies presenting include: Prismm, AdPipe, and OinkChing. Put it on your calendar as the demos will be exciting to see.

Company Coming Up: We have two companies coming up, both of them out of Alabama. First is StreetMetrics hq’d in Birmingham. StreetMetrics is solely focused on bringing Google Analytics quality insight and reporting but for the physical, out-of-home world. Examples include ads on buses, trains, taxis, bikes, and anything that moves. How do they do it? StreetMetrics software shows impressions per mile, what routes your ads traveled, and if they caused an incremental lift in action. Drew Jackson is leading the charge and they have gained tremendous momentum.   

The next company coming up is Zaden Technologies out of Huntsville led by Valentine Nwachukwu is a company growing fast around cloud environment management and creation. They do this by automating the infrastructure for product development. Several of their clients are large enterprises looking to save immense hours and money around devops and cloud infrastructure with their product called Olympus. Keep an eye on this team as they grow.  

Companies Worth Applying To: Safely (.com) is hiring for several roles including customer success, sales, and operations. Safely, led by Andrew Bate, provides two major services to protect your vacation rental. First they provide short-term vacation rental insurance and second, guest screening services. Simple. Sweet. And needed. 

Lastly, strategic product managers are needed over at Thought Factory. CEO, Amanda Sabreah has put together a very needed offering at the intersection of product development and marketing used by large enterprise companies to attract customers by ensuring a clear, cogent message with a product that delivers on the promise. Check them out and apply today.    

Annnnd that is five minutes!

Links discussed: 

🚀 Product of the Week: ARBO 

🚀 Beta Product: Accountability

🗓️ Events of the Week: Atlanta Startup Convos and Main Street Fund

⬆️  Company Coming Up: StreetMetrics and Zaden 

🧑‍💼 Companies Worth Applying To: Safely and Thought Factory