May 12, 2023
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EP50 | ViewFi | Florence Healthcare | LVMH | DataSeers | Intown Golf Club | Cloverly

Introduction: Welcome to Five & Thrive: a weekly podcast highlighting the Southeast’s most interesting news, entrepreneurs, and information of the week, all under 5 minutes. 

My name is Jon Birdsong and I’m with Atlanta Ventures.

Companies Worth Applying To: We have two companies worth applying to right now that are worth taking a serious look. 

First is ViewFi, the telemedicine company out of Atlanta led by CEO, Michael Williamson. ViewFi connects you with the world’s top medical experts to get your pain or injury diagnosed, without the wait. They are hiring for a Sports Medicine Physician. The process for ViewFi helps you connect, diagnose, plan, and recover all through a simple application alongside a trusted and premier medical professional. 

Next up, this past week, A.T. Gimbel and team hosted another fantastic Atlanta Healthcare Meetup with Ryan Jones, the CEO of Florence Healthcare. Florence frees clinical trials from bottlenecks, so they can accelerate and scale. Sites are drowning under the demands of today’s clinical research trials, slowing clinical trials, increasing costs, and delaying cures. Florence’s Site Enablement Platform helps sites streamline operations, enable remote monitoring, and integrate study workflows. They are hiring for several roles including a Senior Sales Executive, Salesforce Admin, and several others. We put the link in the show notes and if you didn’t watch the live interview with Ryan, I highly recommend listening to our events page.

Podcast of the Week: I have not listened to the entire episode because it is 3 and half hours in length and my bike ride is a crisp 30 minutes, but I’m well into it and it comes highly recommended from a trusted source. This podcast comes from the show Acquired and it is the full history of LVMH, and how Bernard Arnault turned a $15m investment in a bankrupt French textile company into the world’s largest individual fortune. This story is equal parts Berkshire Hathaway, Barbarians at the Gate, Steve Jobs / Ted Turner etc and worth any entrepreneur’s time. We put the link in the show notes.

Quiet Giant: One of the Top 10 Most Innovative companies that piqued my interest last week from the TAG Summit was DataSeers. They have over 80 employees.  This is an enterprise solution for fintech and banking operations that helps with onboarding, ACH processing, anti-fraud, compliance, reconciliation, and Analytics. FinanSeer® converts raw transaction data to meaningful information that financial institutions can use to optimize their processes and protect their customers. It cleans data and automates workflows to increase operational efficiency across several aspects of the business. .

Feature Release of the Week: Major major release and put I “release” in air quotes as this is a release of physical space, but Intown Golf Club in Charlotte opened their doors this week to the initial Founding 100 members and it was a spectacular event. If you are in Charlotte and love to play golf, socialize, and like good food and spirits, Intown Golf Club is the place for you. The outdoor patio, putting green, and firepit is just the beginning before you head indoors to 8 simulators, private dining, a massive bar and much more. Shout out to the team on creating another special location.  

Raise a Glass: You know was I putting together this week’s Five and Thrive and was a little surprised there had not been a funding announcement this week of any sort, and then all of sudden, right before I hit send on this bad boy, I see an update that Jason Rubbotom’s Clovery just raised a very impressive $19M let by GroTech Ventures. Cloverly built the first API in the world for carbon credits and the company has grown to become the leading digital infrastructure powering the voluntary carbon market. Their software is helping any company scale their impact by providing the infrastructure to supply or buy carbon credits with the click of a few buttons.  

Congratulations to Cloverly and team on the next phase of growt! 

Annnnnd that’s five minutes!

Companies Worth Applying To: ViewFi, Florence Healthcare 

Podcast of the Week: Acquired: LVMH

Feature Release of the Week: Intown Golf Club

Raise a Glass: Cloverly