June 10, 2022
🚀 Beta Product: Copy Foundry 🧑‍💼 Jobs: Visily, Copient Health 🗓 Events: Startup Showdown 🥂Cheers: Bark

E2 | CopyFoundry, Visily, Copient Health, Bark

Welcome to Five & Thrive: a weekly podcast highlighting the Southeast’s most interesting news, entrepreneurs, and information of the week, all under 5 minutes.

Hosted by Jon Birdsong, Partner at Atlanta Ventures.

Beta Product of the Week:

This week Amanda Sabreah launched CopyFoundry on Product Hunt. Think of the Library of Congress for copywriting and brand positioning. Amanda has indexed every major company’s copy and brand positioning so marketers can quickly learn, study, and then execute on those magical tools called words. What many smart entrepreneurs do is build community before baking out the product – this is a good example. Amanda knows this space very well and is an entrepreneur worth following on Twitter as she builds her next company.    

Announcements of the Week:

Dave Gray is an entrepreneur out of Birmingham (proving this is not just an Atlanta podcast), who is getting the band back together with Pamlico Capital to buy a business. Some of the characteristics include $10-$50M million in ARR, near the Rule of 40, and the CEO is looking to make a transition out of the business. Look up Dave Gray on LinkedIn.  

Quiet Giant:

Welcome Home Software - Software for Senior Living Homes operators is my favorite quiet giant of the week. I’ve been following them for years and they have phenomenal leadership and are growing fast and steady. John Larricia the CEO worked at Bain for over 2 decades before starting the company. Teddy Helfrich is leading sales and marketing and they are hiring in just about every department of the business – and I’m pretty sure they are unlisted.

Events to Put on the Calendar:  

Paul Judge and Panoramic are hosting their monthly Startup Showdown on June 30th - this one is virtual. One winner walks away with $120k. Apps are due June 10th. Also, going to double down on the June 21st event at the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs. There is a link in the show notes to RSVP and more details from last week’s pod.

Companies Worth Applying To:

Josh Lieberman and the team at Visily.ai are looking for a Content Marketing Consultant to help with their content strategy and execution. The KMS Technology team have built several companies starting off with QASymphony which was a hit. From there, they started Kobiton, Grove HR, Katalon, and now Visily, which enables non-designers to create beautiful software app mockups. The KMS team are true builders.

The other company that has an ideal opening for the next up and coming Marketing Director is Copient Health. Mike Burke is a serial entrepreneur who successfully sold his last company, Clockwise MD, and is at it again with Copient Health which makes software to improve operating room efficiency.

Raise Your Glass:

Bark, headquartered out of the Atlanta Tech Village, raised an impressive $30 million last week. Shout out to Brian and Titania. Bark keeps kids safer by providing parental control applications. Maija of Hypepotamus and Zach of Atlanta Inno wrote some quality pieces around the raise. Links are below!

Annnnd, that’s 5 minutes.

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