June 30, 2022
🚀 Company Coming Up: HeartLegacy Product of the Week: AnyDistance 🗓️ Events: Healthcare Entrepreneurship MeetUp 🧑‍💼 Jobs: Fleetio, LoadUp, Intown Golf Club 🥂Cheers: Goodr

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Company Coming Up:

This company is out of Mobile, Alabama lead by Walt Armentrout is called HeartLegacy. What started out as a video product for Senior Living Communities to help preserve life stories has morphed into a SaaS platform for businesses to leverage video. They have two different mobile apps, even titled differently for each market. The one for Senior LIving is called RemyGo, and the other for sales teams with over 250 five star reviews on the app store is called SalesMail. Like email but salesmail. This is a tell tale sign of an entrepreneur heads down in one market (senior living) but still keeping a pulse to where another market is pulling. There is probably a wonderful blog post or even book to be written about this pivot and evolution but in the meantime Walt and the team are growing fast and scaling. If you’re in sales, check them out. Link in the show notes.  

Products of Week:

AnyDistance: Upcoming this week is the Peachtree Road Race. 50,000 folks brave the heat on the 4th to tackle the city’s 10K. Local startup AnyDistance led by Luke Beard is the ideal app to download before the race or your next run. AnyDistance is doing to Strava what Instagram did to your iPhone camera back in 2012. It tracks and records your runs with unparalleled visualization and creative 3D renderings while wrapping the real world rewards ranging from badges to local shop credit. Give it a download today.    

Event of the Week:

Healthcare Entrepreneurship Meetup - A.T. Gimbel of Atlanta Ventures hosts a healthcare entrepreneurship meetup with over 2000 members in it. They had their event this week but I’m mentioning it because it was recorded and 3 companies presented their products and story and they are so good! The event recap and recording link is up on the events page on Atlanta Ventures

Companies Worth Applying To:

Last week we missed this section so we have three companies ready for you.  

Fleetio - The darling’s darling of Birmingham, Fleetio is hiring for several roles and this is another company worth applying to, lead by Tony Summerville. Fleetio is reshaping fleet management by providing software that manages, tracks, and optimizes all different types of fleets world-wide. The roles open are several, ranging from software development to customer success, ops, and sales. And they just renovated their very slick looking new office.  

LoadUp - if you’re driving north on 75 through Atlanta and get near the West Paces exit, you’ll see a big LoadUp billboard on the right hand side as of this recording. Greg Workmon (great name) and his team have modernized junk removal. They are looking for a CTO, CMO, and Head of Operations.

Intown Golf Club is in the works to open their second location and is looking for a finance controller. The 12,000 sqft private indoor golf club, right in the heart of Buckhead is expanding its footprint to Charlotte with line of site locations in Philadelphia and DC targeted. Join a fun and fast growing company in the golf industry as they grow!

Raise Your Glass:

Goodr. Jasmine Crowe of Goodr just raised $8M to feed more and waste less through their technology and logistics solution. Congrats to Jasmine and team on all the great work they are doing!

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Company Coming Up: Heart Legacy

Product of the Week: Any Distance

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Raise Your Glass:

Food waste management startup Goodr raises $8M