June 3, 2021
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E1 | Xcomms, Apptegga, Grayscale, CivicEagle, Cartet

The Company Coming Up:

I met with this founder a few weeks ago and his product is pretty legit. The name of the company is called XComms. The use case is interesting. The easiest way I can explain it is like an Amber Alerts for a company. Let’s say you have a business with 1000, 2000, 10,000 + employees and you have to get a message out to the entire company as quickly and urgently as possible. Enter XComms:  https://www.xcomms.com/   Frank, the CEO, emailed me and is looking for a technical lead and possible CTO. He will be speaking at the upcoming Atlanta Startup Convos on June 8th at 8:00 a.m. if you want to see the product live. Link in the show notes.    

Companies to Apply To:

Which three companies are worth applying to right now? Apptegga which raised $37M in March is hiring like crazy particularly on the sales side. Gavin Harris is the VP of Sales and has done it before with AirWatch which was acquired by VMWare. Apptega reduces the cost and burden of managing cybersecurity and compliance audits.

Another company with 10+ open positions is Grayscale. Ty Abernethy is the CEO and they are looking for folks in Customer Success, Engineering and Enterprise Sales. Grayscale is a feature-rich candidate engagement tool for recruiters.  

Lastly, CivicEagle is hiring for some key roles. Damola Ogundipe is the CEO they are hiring for specifically a VP of Sales, Talent Acquisition Manager, and a Senior Data Engineer. CivicEagle’s goal is to be the world’s dominant player in public policy software and they are well on their way.

Beta Product of the Week:


Rekemo, the CEO, is solving the problem of too many tabs during the ecommerce experience. If you’re someone who gets lost in the cacophony of checkouts Rekemo’s private beta Chrome extension aggregates your checkouts in one simple, seamless experience. C-A-R-T-E-T

Events to Put on the Calendar:

Last week we had ATLUnlocked at the Atlanta Tech Village. 5 of the technology hubs got together to clink glasses and talk shop. Also, on June 8th, we have an Atlanta Startup Convos.  

Best Blog Post of the Week:

YC’s Advice to Founders - The high level theme if you are planning to raise in the next 6-12 months, it would be sage to re-evaluate your plan, extend your current runway and make sure you do everything to grow responsibly which means limiting your burn exposure.

Raise Your Glass:

Lastly, two companies who have had mega-rounds in Atlanta include Sean of Stord led by FranklinTempleton Ventures. Shout out to Sean and team! Also, the sneaky whale that was announced was of course GreyOrange out of Roswell, Georgia. Do not sleep on Roswell, do not sleep on Peachtree Corners, do not sleep on places like Norcross and definitely Alpharetta…or Gwinnett. Anyways, GreyOrange which provided robotic solutions for the automated warehouse raised $110M from Mithril Capital and Blackrock and are hiring over 300 folks. A great example of a silent killer in the Southeast.  

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Atlanta Startup Convos Event

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YC advises founders to ‘plan for the worst’ amid market teardown

Russell Center

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Apptega raises $37M

Stord raises $100+ Million

GreyOrange raises $110M

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