October 20, 2022
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E21 | MileAuto, Greenzie, Prismm, SuperCopy, Glide Pizza

Introduction: Welcome to Five & Thrive: a weekly podcast highlighting the Southeast’s most interesting news, entrepreneurs, and information of the week, all under 5 minutes. 

My name is Jon Birdsong and I’m with Atlanta Ventures.

This week it seems like so many representatives across the country of the investor community come to Atlanta for VentureAtlanta, what better way to start this week’s podcast than with Raises of the Week. 

Raise a Glass: 

First is MileAuto out of the ATDC. CEO Fred Blumer raised $4M from existing investors including Ulu Ventures, Emergent Ventures and Sure Ventures. MileAuto provides auto insurance to low-mileage drivers through the use of computer vision and ML technology. That brings their total funding to $16M. Congrats to Fred and team. 

Another announcement in funding is Greenzie with an $8M round that includes the strategic investment of Bobcat. This one is right in Atlanta Ventures’ backyard as Founder and CEO, Charles Brian Quinn or CBQ started it out the Atlanta Ventures Studio just over 4 years ago. Today, there are mowers coming off the lot from manufacturers that are air quotes Robotic Ready to be activated by Greenzie’s software to make them autonomous. This funding provides Greenzie resources to partner with several more manufacturers so in a not too far distance there will be dozens and then hundreds of mowers coming out of the productions lines ready for Greenzie’s software to be turned as simply as Sirius radio, but instead of the Elvis Presley channel, it’s autonomous mowing all the time. Congratulations to CBQ and team! 

Product of the Week: This product is headquartered out of Birmingham, Alabama and designed to be your digital vault for all the key family documents in your nuclear and extended family. The company is called Prismm and it was founded by Martha Underwood. Think of all the important documents that are either saved on an external hard drive or in the cloud – most likely email or a desk drawer – that should be in a safe and secure location. Prismm is the place that keeps all of these documents organized, safe, and secure. Examples include documents around property & assets, financial accounts, and more. Say good by to the security deposit box and hello to the Prismm. Try the free trial today.   

Hot Market of the Week: Last week Hypepotamus highlighted a product doing close to $10k MRR in the content marketing space called SuperCopy. Their CEO, Richard Lee from Georgia Tech has built a technology that takes a large part of the work load off of generating copy through what the industry and market it calling it “AI Content.” SuperCopy combines intent, tone of voice, demographic, and keywords for endless unique content. As that product was plastered across inboxes via Hype last week, just this week Jasper an AI Content software solution raised $125M at a unicorn priced valuation to generate content for blog articles, social media posts, website copy and more. And it was just released via Twitter but Lex.Page which has a waitlist of over 25,000 folks for Nate Baschez’s new product. We put a link to his product demo in the show notes. So what is the excitement around content, AI, and marketers? The fight for eyeballs and ears is vivacious and any edge to produce more content in less time while maintaining, or enhancing the quality is going to produce substantial buzz. Check all of them out in the show notes below. 

Companies Worth Applying Too: The popular pizza joint, Glide Pizza, started by Rob Birdsong (my older brother) is looking for an Ops Manager. They just opened their second location in Decatur and have plans to continue growth on the West Side and hopefully, eventually Buckhead or Brookhaven. With all that expansion on the horizon, they are looking for someone who makes sure all the trains or dough is tossed on time and nuts and bolts are as tight as possible around the early processes defined. If you’re an operationally focused individual who loves physical locations and food, check out Glide Pizza and their growing enterprise.  

Annnnd, that’s 5 minutes.

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