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We have been working tirelessly to ensure South Downtown maintains and accelerates the momentum gained in the past decade.

Jon Birdsong
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December 19, 2023

Over the past few months, we have been working tirelessly to ensure South Downtown maintains and accelerates the momentum gained in the past decade. Seven years ago, an ambitious firm from Germany established a compelling vision, combined with strategic property acquisition and authentic community development. Years of hard work, investment, and relationship building set the stage for the revitalization of arguably the most in-tact, historic district in our cherished city – or as the 1984 Atlanta Urban Design Commision aptly named South Downtown: “The Heart of Atlanta.” A pandemic, mixed with macroeconomic headwinds, halted the strong progress, leaving the portfolio set for multiple foreclosures. We believe the neighborhood deserves better. Our city deserves better. Since the foreclosures notice, we have worked swiftly and diligently to keep the portfolio of 53 parcels including 6 acres of surface parking together and in place under our ownership.

After seven years of rigorous work, the momentum to activate the community has started, most notably demonstrated by the first new restaurant opening this past April: Tyde Tate Kitchen, offering delicious Thai food worth exploring. As the dust settles amid any financial transaction, particularly one of this magnitude, we’re reluctant to announce grandiose plans or visions yet. Our first priority is listening and ensuring the mechanisms are in place to keep South Downtown in a state of progress. Progress towards the continued combination of historic preservation and new construction, with a greater emphasis on creative doers and entrepreneurs from every corner of our city. The next chapter of South Downtown is one being written by local Atlantans, already spurred by Lawrence Gellerstedt from Foundry Commercial, who brokered and solved the intricate complications of the transaction, our excellent team from Alston & Bird most notably, Jason Howard, and of course the Atlanta Ventures team – which we’re elated to officially announce includes April Stammel!  

Returns and proceeds from companies started on streets we all know, Peachtree and Piedmont, are fueling the continued vision set forth nearly a decade ago. We, at Atlanta Ventures, will not let our city go backwards. Innovation, progress, and risk-taking are in our blood. It’s why we choose to call this city home. It’s why we named our firm after our city. Now is the time to be on the offense. An opportunity to create a safe, walkable, and livable neighborhood in the once forgotten “heart of the city” is right in front of us. Every great city in the world has a vibrant downtown, it’s Atlanta’s turn. Over the next year, we’ll be listening, learning, and designing towards a larger plan – while balancing the time constraints as the world awaits to enter our doorstep for the World Cup in the summer of 2026.

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Jon Birdsong and David Cummings

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