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Kathryn O'Day’s top three blogs for organization and productivity.

Kathryn O'Day
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September 2, 2022

It’s time to get productive!

Kathryn O'Day, partner at Atlanta Ventures, has been growing Atlanta tech companies for over a decade. Kathryn has led company training sessions on emails, calendar management, time saving tricks, follow ups, agendas, project planning, and more. With Kathryn's qualified experience, she writes weekly blogs sharing practical advice for startup founders, leaders, and enthusiasts on The O'Daily.


In this blog, you will find her most important advice on productivity. No matter what areas you may need to improve, we hope these tips and strategies will help you boost and iterate your approach to productivity.


✅ Your Productivity Starter Pack

Let's get back to the basics, Kathryn loves efficient systems. After a decade in tech startups and many decades as a type A nerd, here are Kathryn’s top 3 strategies she uses to stay productive and organized.


✅ 6 Productivity Hacks That Actually Hurt You

Startups can be busy and hectic. Having good systems is key to managing the chaos and staying on top of tasks and projects. However, there are some common productivity misconceptions. These myths hold people back from their best, most-productive selves. They induce people to focus on the wrong things, judge themselves unnecessarily, and get discouraged.


✅ Productivity Checkup: 5 Audits to Implement Now

Your calendar, inbox, and workflows need regular review to keep them manageable. Gardens need tending, closets need cleanouts, and work systems need audits! Use this checklist of topics and questions to periodically review your systems and time allocation so you can stay efficient, energized, and focused.

What do you think? What other productivity tips have you guys learned? How do you manage efficiently as an entrepreneur?

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