Early on in life I was lucky to find my true passion: being an entrepreneur. Everywhere I looked there were opportunities to create new products and solutions; most of my ideas failed but a few succeeded. As I developed my passion for entrepreneurship, I also realized my passion for helping other entrepreneurs.

In college I started an entrepreneurship house course called Internet Startups and Entrepreneurship with a faculty sponsor. Over the course of three semesters I had the chance to teach -- really, learn with my peers --  some of the things I’d already been working on for years.

At Pardot, we started an accelerator for idea stage startups called Shotput Ventures where we hosted the entrepreneurs for a weekly dinner, speaker, and idea sharing. It was a labor of love and a great learning experience.

After Shotput, we incubated a number of startups in the Pardot office to help the next generation of entrepreneurs. Some of those startups included Clickscape, Rigor, and SalesLoft.

After selling Pardot, we dreamed big and built the Atlanta Tech Village. At 103,000 square feet and over 1,000 people, it’s one of the five largest tech entrepreneurship centers in the United States.

Now, at Atlanta Ventures, we’re serving SaaS entrepreneurs through community, content, and capital:

  • Community - Regular events and programs for SaaS entrepreneurs ranging from Simply SaaS meetups to curated SaaS forums to exclusive scaling SaaS dinners
  • Content - Fresh stories and lessons learned from some of the fastest growing SaaS companies
  • Capital - Investments from $100,000 to $2 million in idea, seed, and growth stage SaaS startups

Serving SaaS entrepreneurs is what we do. Please reach out and let us know how we can help.


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