One thing that has stood out to me in several recent meetings with entrepreneurs is the power of passion. Without passion, your role as an entrepreneur can just be another job and work-life balance can be tough to achieve. With passion, you have the power to lead teams, work through challenges, and accomplish amazing things.

Ability to Lead

Whenever I hear an entrepreneur telling their story or describing what they are working on, it is apparent when they are truly passionate. This passion can be infectious. People (customers, team members, investors) want to follow leaders who are passionate about their cause. While that passion can be expressed in many forms, it allows you to more easily get people on board as they can tell you truly believe in your cause and are committed to going after it no matter what.

Work Through Challenges

To that point, there will be many ups and downs on the journey. Passionate people have the desire, courage, and resilience to keep fighting through these challenges. When times get tough, the passionate leader can fall back on that passion to encourage and reframe the challenges back towards that greater goal. Without passion, it can become too easy to quit and not fight back.

Accomplish Amazing Things

By leveraging your passion to lead more effectively and work through challenges, this also allows you the chance to better achieve your goals. Not only does the passion help you achieve these business goals, it makes the journey that much more fulfilling. I’ve found passion helps make the work feel less like “work” and can promote a better framework for mental health and self-worth.

Life is too short to be working on things you are not truly passionate about. Find something you do and go after it. Even if it doesn’t work out, you will have enjoyed the ride!

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