The Value of Co-Founders

Jacey Cadet
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July 24, 2018

Ever wonder what it’s like to start a company!? It’s scary and nerve-wracking, but it’s also exhilarating. You may have no idea what you’re doing, but the desire is there. The craving to change the world, create something, or help someone (or some business) be better is there.

Next you think, can I do this by myself? Absolutely you can! With the right tools, you’re fully capable. I’d also challenge you to think: can you bring someone into a new venture and make it even better?

Think about it like skydiving.

You can seek hours of training, learn the ins and outs of operating the equipment, and be fully prepped to jump out of a plane, thousands of feet in the air, by yourself.

Before getting to this point, however, think about the guide/instructor you have literally strapped to your back when first diving out. Would you say they give you a sense of peace and confidence?

No matter how high you are, how many training videos you watch, or how far you fall, they are right there with you the whole time. The thrill of the fall is still there, and the ups and downs of pulling the chute are still there, but you’re also free falling with someone you trust and can experience the journey with.

This is similar to the joy of co-founders. Having someone walk (or fall) alongside you can be such a helpful and necessary thing.



They challenge you

It’s smart to have someone next to you on the journey, because a little healthy competition never hurt anyone. They will push you to be better. They will push back on ideas that don’t make sense from your 2:00 am brainstorm. They will push you to build a better product, or write a more cohesive marketing plan. People challenging you is a good thing. It makes you progress further, faster.

They keep you honest

A pulse check is always a good thing to have. We often get in our own head and believe we are right, have the best answer, and know it all. Sometimes we are wrong, and a co-founder keeps you honest, keeps you grounded, and helps you stay focused on what really matters.

They celebrate with you

Celebrating is critical when starting a company. The small victories and the big ones. When it’s just you, who do you toast with? A co-founder is right alongside you celebrating a new product launch, a first customer, and the hundredth customer.

They often have a complimentary skill set

We can’t all be coders, and we can’t all be in sales. Areas of expertise are one of the best benefits of co-founders. You can divide and conquer. If one of you knows code, code away while the other steers the ship and takes point on getting those first customers.

They fall with you

Sometimes things don’t work. Whether it’s timing, the market, or your product, if your idea is not successful, a co-founder is there to sit in the hard times with you—commiserate. Tough times will come. You will free fall and have no idea what you're doing and how to fix it, but your co-founder will be right there, strapped to your back, weathering the storm with you.

So are you looking to start something!? Invite someone to jump out of the plane with you, and see if they're willing to free fall together. Check out one of the next events, too. You never know who you’ll meet...

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