Atlanta Ventures Launches Studio for B2B SaaS Startups

Jacey Cadet
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July 11, 2018

Earlier this month, Atlanta Ventures Partner, David Cummings, wrote about the vision behind the Atlanta Ventures Studio. The response has been humbling and astonishing to say the least. We’ve heard from a plethora of entrepreneurs already.  

The AV team has identified numerous problems in industries with large markets that need more customer discovery. We’re looking for entrepreneurs who want to relentlessly explore these problems and solve them with software. The goal is to systematically start and grow successful B2B SaaS companies. We’ll combine talented entrepreneurs with our experience and start several companies per year.

With the launch of the Studio, we’ve created the Studio Entrepreneur role and are now accepting applications. This role is a full-time position that will transition into founding a new SaaS company.

Why would an entrepreneur be interested in becoming a Studio Entrepreneur at Atlanta Ventures?

This is an opportunity to go all in with minimal downside, while still taking a sizable swing for the fence. Plan for the next 7-10 years, assuming everything goes well, meaning you hit Product/Market Fit, likely raise additional rounds, and build a $100 Million business.

Founders who want to know more can apply now. We want to create the next generation of successful SaaS companies and we know that first starts with finding and supporting the right founders.

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