How to Begin Exploring Startup Ideas

Discover startup ideas by aligning with passion, researching problems, validating demand with mockups, ensuring authentic opportunities.

A.T. Gimbel
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March 19, 2024

We have a Studio where we help co-found businesses from scratch with great entrepreneurs. There are many frameworks and tactics we use to find and test ideas. Before we go deep, we start at the highest level with a three-step framework.


There are many great ideas out there, but what areas are you passionate about as an entrepreneur? There are spaces that you just naturally love and will spend every night falling asleep thinking about that space without considering it work. This could be healthcare analytics, fintech, climate change, etc. By starting with exploring a passion area, you really focus on something that could have a great founder-idea fit.


Once you identify your passion area, now go research problems in that space. This is a combination of talking to potential customers, people with industry knowledge, desk research, etc. Really listen for must-have problems they are already trying to solve and are frustrated with the current options. When you are having conversations they end up doing most of the talking about a problem they bring up unprompted and go well beyond your allotted time.


Now that you have heard multiple problems, where is the best idea with a large opportunity and you have a unique ability to execute? Where can you create some early mockups (without building anything) that get people excited enough to sign up and pay to be design partners to build it with you. 

There will inevitably be many iterations, but you are starting with a space you are passionate about, with a must-have problem, and early signs of authentic demand. Without those I would be hesitant moving forward.

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