Customer Success Tips from Kathryn O'Day

Kathryn O'Day’s top five blogs for understanding and implementing customer success.

Kathryn O'Day
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August 10, 2022

It’s Time for Customer Success

Kathryn O'Day, partner at Atlanta Ventures, has been growing Atlanta tech companies for over a decade. Kathryn has started and scaled operations, culture, and customer success at several well-known companies including Pardot, Rigor, and Drum Technologies.

With Kathryn's qualified experience, she writes weekly blogs sharing practical advice for startup founders, leaders, and enthusiasts on The O'Daily. In this blog, you will find her most important advice on customer success. No matter where you are starting, we hope these five links below will give you the knowledgeable resources you need to develop and enhance your customer success.


1 Tweak To Massively Increase Customer Adoption

Are you struggling to increase your customer adoption? While working at Pardot, Kathryn learned that charging for implementations can help your customers understand the value of what you're offering and be motivated to make the most of their onboarding experience! Try it out and track the customers through the onboarding process to measure the impact.


3 Customer Onboarding Stages to Prep For As You Grow

When it comes to onboarding, one size never fits all. Every business is different, but the goal is to deliver the best service, with a healthy business model, in the right way for you and your customers! In this blog, Kathryn covers three standard customer onboarding stages and shares her advice on how to understand and prepare for them. Check this blog out if you are looking for a starting place for discussion and planning.


The 1 Metric That Will Transform Your Customer Success Program

Do you know your user's North Star? Essentially, the most important metric in customer success is making your customer look like a rockstar. In this short blog, Kathryn shares what actually matters to your customers and six steps to level up your customer success.


6 Tips To Supercharge Your Customer Success Hiring Plan

You've moved beyond the super early stages of your Customer Success team. You're growing quickly and planning for the future. How do you plan your hiring for Customer Success? Scaling a Customer Success team is both art and science. And although there's no perfect formula, here are six factors to consider when planning your hiring and growth strategy for Customer Success.


Your Customer Success Starter Pack

You've brought on your paying first customers. You're a dream team of one: sales rep, implementation specialist, and technical support combined. Where do you begin making your "Customer Success" official? In this article, Kathryn shares four great resources to help you start your Customer Success department with confidence.

What other customer success tips have you guys learned?

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