January 3, 2023
Atlanta, GA

This year, we look back at some of the many accomplishments and forwards to the future.

Atlanta Ventures – 2022 Wrapped

Atlanta Ventures 2022 Wrapped

What an incredible year it has been. The Atlanta startup ecosystem has been booming and many Atlanta Ventures companies have seen the ebb and flow present in the startup world. This year, we look back at some of the many accomplishments and forwards to the future.

10 Key Highlights of 2022

  1. Market has turned: you can’t control the market. Understand the changes, and how to ride the flow.
  2. Prepare for the worst: when the market trends down, have a plan to make it through.
  3. Pick the right market: A rising tide lifts all boats, and if you pick the right market you can benefit from that.
  4. Pick the right partners: The startup journey is not an overnight success; make sure you are partnered with people you enjoy, trust, and can help support you.
  5. Be the change you want: Be proactive and bet on yourself to achieve something.
  6. Be decisive: don’t fall victim to analysis paralysis–take in the facts, make the best decision and go execute.
  7. Engage in the community: COVID reminded us of how important it is to have a solid connection with our community. 
  8. Do your research: Time is one of our most valuable resources. Do your research to make sure you don’t waste your time or others' time
  9. Remember what matters: Take some time at the end of the year to reflect on what you’re grateful for, and what could have been done differently.
  10. Seek knowledge: Nobody has all the answers. But odds are someone, somewhere can help and has experience in what you are going through

Our Portfolio Grew 🌱

In addition to new companies we also propelled a few current companies grow including: Copient Health, Reframe, Grayscale, Infinite Giving, Zinnia, Carpool Logistics, Message Gears, Alongside, and Greenzie.

We Launched a New Podcast 🚀

Our Amazing Guests on The Atlanta Story 🎙️

We featured many incredible guests on The Atlanta Story Podcast. This year, we had:

Our Top Blogs ⭐

  1. How to Describe Competition in a Pitch Deck
  2. Questionable Advice Given to Entrepreneurs
  3. The Carbon Footprint Market is a Billion Dollar Opportunity
  4. How to Fund Your Business Without Raising Money
  5. Examples of Cold Outreach Emails to VCs
  6. Three Areas to Focus on When Fundraising For Your Startup
  7. Three Tips for Beginning Your Entrepreneurial Journey
  8. Announcing Our New Five-Minute Podcast: Five & Thrive
  9. Five Lessons for Early-Stage Startups
  10. Three Startup Areas That You Want to Choose Wisely

We hope you have had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season.
Cheers to 2023! 🥂

There are 3 market reports that we have been especially excited about:

1. At-Home Elderly Care

2. The New “Remove-Live” Worker

3. The Carbon Footprint Market

Let us know if you’re interested in building with us in any of these markets!

In Other News...