January 11, 2022
Atlanta, GA

We are excited to announce our latest investment in Copient Health!

Why We Invested in Copient Health

We recently led a Series A investment to support Copient Health. Their software helps hospitals and surgery centers connect operating time to those who need it. We had made a small investment when the company started in 2019 and are encouraged by all the progress they have made and opportunities ahead. Here are a few reasons why we invested in this round:

The Team

We have known Mike Burke and Keyton Weissinger for years through Atlanta Tech Village and their previous healthcare startups. Mike was even our guest speaker at the first Atlanta Healthcare Entrepreneur Meetup three years ago! They are incredibly smart, practical, and gritty entrepreneurs who really dive deep to understand customer problems and deliver a delightful experience with a proven record of executing.

The Market

Operating rooms are one of the biggest sources of revenue, as well as one of the costliest to run in a hospital. Unfilled surgical time misses not only revenue opportunities, but the ability to improve patients’ health. This multi-billion dollar market has been gaining awareness over recent years and now is primed for customers ready to buy solutions that can have an immediate bottom line impact.

Customer Opportunity

Customers have loved the simple and configurable solutions from Copient Health. Just filling 16 minutes more per month can justify the value of the solution and customers are seeing many multiples of that in terms of ROI. They have also found bringing cleaner, more actionable data enables much better conversations with providers on scheduling.

We are excited to continue our partnership with Copient Health and support another great Atlanta company!

Copient Health is currently hiring for several roles in sales and marketing if you know anyone interested!

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