March 5, 2021
Atlanta, GA

Investing in a platform for musicians around the world, so they can meet, teach, learn and perform together anytime, from anywhere. 

The power of music

Given the COVID pandemic, we have all had to adjust our schedules and get used to a more “virtual” world.  Music is no different.  We recently invested in a company called Musical Overture and their Gig Room to support Terry Lowry in his mission to help musicians connect and play together, especially in the current environment when being in-person is not always possible. 


Terry is an accomplished musician and conductor, as well as part-time technologist. Several years ago he struggled with helping his orchestra continue to play together outside of live rehearsals. He went on to build a platform for his orchestra that helps them connect and play together. This was built for musicians, by musicians and his team began to regularly use the platform and tune it. Terry is a voracious learner, and his passion and enthusiasm to help share music across the world is truly astounding. He firmly believes that music can change the world because music changes people.

There are millions of amateur musicians in the US, ranging from school aged children in a band to adults who are playing their love of music on the side. As COVID hit, it presented a perfect storm of challenge plus opportunity to use the Gig Room platform for musicians to play together remotely. It became difficult to practice together, attend a lesson, or conduct a performance. Musicians tried many of the standard video conferencing tools like Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc. None of those tools could provide the latency to allow musicians to perform live together, especially in groups. Furthermore, they did not have the functionality required to conduct an orchestra, share music, or provide relevant practice and feedback.

As a team of musicians, educators and engineers, Terry and his team are working together to build a platform for musicians around the world, so they can meet, teach, learn and perform together anytime, from anywhere.  They serve schools, performance institutions, and individuals with a unique, low cost platform that allows musicians to make music over the internet with virtually no delays.

These are just a few of the reasons we have enjoyed working with Terry and his team and are excited about their mission to help musicians connect and play together! If you or a musician friend would like to try out the Gig Room powered by Musical Overture, take a look here

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