February 15, 2023
Atlanta, GA

We are excited to announce our latest investment in Queues!

Why We Invested in Queues

We recently made an investment in Queues led by entrepreneur Sam Porta. Queues uses cameras plus software to analyze wait times to help consumers and businesses better plan and forecast their day. We were especially attracted to the team and market opportunity.

Sam has lived all over the world and experienced different cultures and settings. He enrolled at Georgia Tech and continued to build his entrepreneurial muscle while in school. During his time, he started the business, weathered through COVID on a shoestring budget, and won the GT Inventure Prize. Sam has consistently shown his desire to learn, build, survive, and grow in difficult circumstances.

While existing customers are already using the product at universities, the broader theme of hardware/software to observe, analyze, and create actions is a trend we see continuing to grow in the future. Being able to observe behaviors and provide unique insights to both consumers and businesses has value in multiple settings. Not just recording but determining patterns and potential actions can improve lives. Whether it be improving queue management, security applications, venue management, etc. we believe there are many possible applications of this type of technology.

We are excited to partner with Kenzie Lane and Chris Klaus to support Queues becoming another great Atlanta company!

In Other News...