March 6, 2023
Athens, GA

We are excited to announce our latest investment in AdPipe!

Why We Invested in AdPipe

We recently led a seed investment into AdPipe. We have known the team for awhile and were excited about the positive lines they created between each of our interactions. Here is what led to our decision to make the investment.


Co-founders Andrew Levy and Sam Birdsong have been in business together for many years. They have built a great relationship balancing Andrew’s amazing sales skills and Sam’s steady operations. When we spoke to customers, they raved about their ability to listen, apply insights, and build solutions that solved their problems. They trusted the AdPipe team with the direction they needed to go.


We have all seen the rising trends towards video (motion) marketing from static images. This trend will only continue as tools are built that help marketers be more effective. Furthermore, we love tools that help people do something they were already doing, but doing it 10x faster and better.


What started as consulting services has allowed the team to build an amazing early product that helps customers repurpose existing videos, repackage with core messages, and repost across digital channels. There are many additional new ideas in the works leveraging AI to continue to make the process easier and more effective. As one of their customer’s said: this solution is 100% in their budget every year - it’s cheaper than an agency and more effective than doing it internally!

We welcome AdPipe to our portfolio and look forward to seeing great things ahead!

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