June 5, 2023
Atlanta, GA

We are excited to announce our latest investment in Zinnia!

Why we invested in Zinnia

Lauren Marturano, Founder and CEO of Zinnia, is the perfect person to build and scale AI tools that help sales focus on revenue and relationships. 

As a top rep at Salesforce and Microsoft, Lauren felt the pain of handling hours of logistics of relationship building events, like prospect dinners, while still closing some of the largest deals ever. 

Now, with Zinnia for Sales, finding locations, making reservations, customizing menus, planning conversations, creating executive summaries, and more are handled by AI instead of sellers. 

We were thrilled when she joined the Atlanta Ventures Studio last year to go after a huge opportunity and are excited to put more fire power behind this fantastic market and team. 

"We are immensely grateful for the confidence and support shown by our investors," said Lauren Marturano, Founder and CEO of Zinnia.

Lauren has built a world class team and Zinnia’s customers are raving fans with brands like Microsoft and Knack using Zinnia to automate planning and focus on high value activities like sales. 

We're excited to invest alongside storied firms like CreativeCo Capital and Gray Ventures.

In Other News...