April 20, 2022
Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Ventures recently led a $600,000 raise with Zeto.

Why We Invested In Zeto

The Team

Christian Ries, former professional golfer and experienced entrepreneur, is a phenomenal founder and CEO. He is relentless in his dedication to Zeto customers and improving the experience of homeownership. The Zeto team has recently expanded, adding positive, trustworthy, and knowledgeable home coordinators and Zeto Service Experts, with more on the way

The Opportunity

The home services market is massive with lots of points of frustration for homeowners. Service and quality are inconsistent, processes are manual or clunky, it’s hard to know when and why to be proactive, and managing it all takes hours every month.  

Zeto launched out of the Atlanta Ventures Studio in 2021. Under Christian’s leadership, Zeto found an offering that resonated with homeowners and doubled its customer base month over month. 

David Cummings, founder of Atlanta Ventures, shared his thoughts on what’s ahead: 

“Christian is an incredible entrepreneur, the market is huge, and the customers have given tremendous feedback on the experience. We are excited about this next phase of Zeto’s expansion and the long term vision to be in 40 cities across the U.S.”

This round of funding allows Zeto to add its next cohort of customers, grow the Zeto team, and scale throughout the northern Atlanta area. 

Customer Feedback

With 60% of customers coming through referrals, it’s clear Zeto is delighting customers and solving a major pain point. 

We hear this:

I just met a Zeto Services Expert who was helping my neighbor. I was so excited, I ran home to sign up.” 

Or stories like when Chris Tuff got home from a 17 hour road trip and his house was 92 degrees. He texted Zeto and the owner of a trusted, vetted HVAC company was at his house within two hours to diagnose and resolve the issue. 

What is Zeto?

Zeto is a trusted manager for your home. They handle your home from A to ZETO. They take care of your must-do’s and should-do’s. The yearly stuff. The monthly stuff. And the messy stuff. Text them and they’ll take care of it. 

Busy homeowners are juggling work, family, and life. The last thing anyone wants to do is go through the painful process of calling, scheduling, vetting and being present for home repairs and home needs. That’s where Zeto comes in. With a simple text to Zeto, they can knock out your to-do’s, schedule appointments with repair experts, change those pesky light bulbs, and track your home’s progress. Members can get anything done, anytime. 

Learn more about Zeto here!

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